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Kupu - Licensing, Pricing and Ordering

Te Ara Kupu is an annual subscription-based resource with the appropriate licence fee paid annually in advance. Subscriptions are renewed prior to their expiry for additional 12 month periods.

Your use of Te Ara Kupu is governed by a licence agreement that details the terms and conditions under which we are prepared to allow you to use the software.

Please read the Software Licence Agreement that accompanies the software BEFORE you load the software. If you do not agree with the terms of use, you should return the package unopened for a refund.

Please use the relevant price list below:

Standard Use: (Home, Corporate, Government, Local Government, SOE, privately owned educational enterprises, etc)

School Use: (Publicly owned: Primary, Köhanga Reo, Secondary, Kura Kaupapa; also Registered Charities)

Tertiary Use: (Publicly owned: Universities, Polytechnics)

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