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xThis updated website features information, pricing and ordering details about Wakareo ä-ipurangi (Wakareo online) the subscription-based, online, Mäori / English / Mäori compilation dictionary. Wakareo provides unparalleled access to Mäori words and phrases, their meanings and origins, through a range of intuitive search forms that allow for simple to complex searches. Wakareo is available through paid subscription from Wordstream Corp – Whakairo Kupu. We are proud to have been creating reo Mäori (Mäori langauge) resources for more than 20 years.

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Wakareo a-ipurangi tm

Wakareo a-ipurangi
Online, browser access to the most comprehensive Mäori - English compilation dictionary available.
Integrates with Moana Kupu 5.0 (spellchecker etc) more >>

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